FutureDecks Pro

FutureDecks Pro 2.0.3

Mixes video and audio for a live audience


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    The FutureDecks Pro software program lets you professionally mix audio and video for playback purposes. This program is primarily designed to help disc jockeys mix music and video for a live audience.

    This application ensures the transition from one song to another is flawless so the music doesn't stop for a live audience to enjoy. The FutureDecks Pro has a beat matcher that makes sure the next song will have the same beat as the new one.

    This program uses an automatic BPM counter to make this possible. The two music decks on the FutureDecks Pro have separate functions for cueing, pitch control and vinyl simulation so you can make scratches, reverse play, brake, equalize and spin the target music.

    The FutureDecks Pro has 8 unique effects and a sweep filter so you can store your playlist and preview them before playing the songs. An Automix function allows this software to play the music automatically.

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    FutureDecks Pro


    FutureDecks Pro 2.0.3